How to identify terrorists

Paul Gigot is a senior editor of the Wall Street Journal, and a highly-regarded pundit.  Here he opines that the Orlando shooter was not, as Obama declared, self-radicalized, but was influenced by web pages and external influences, and he traces connections to ISIS, and adduces the FBI director as support for that opinion.

But every devout Muslim knows that jihad is obligatory and that “the lesser,” aggressive jihad can be pursued with the tongue, the heart, or the purse as well as with the arm.  It doesn't require a political entity like ISIS or Al Qaeda to shout it out.  The definitive opinions were rendered around 1300, by the Hanbali jurist Ibn Taymiyya, allowing for killing those who would otherwise be classified as non-combatants, if they merely engaged in verbal or written propaganda:

"As for those who cannot offer resistance or cannot fight, such as women, children, monks, old people, the blind, handicapped and their likes, they shall not be killed unless they actually fight with words [e.g. by propaganda] and acts [by spying or otherwise assisting in the warfare]. Some jurists are of the opinion that all of them may be killed, on the mere ground that they are unbelievers, but they make an exception for women and children since they constitute property for Muslims."

Every Muslim, devout or not, knows that homosexuality (in men) is an abomination in the sight of God and must be obliterated. 

The idea that a Muslim must be connected with some political unit in order to categorize him as a terrorist is ridiculous.  That he is Muslim is self-explanatory, provided he is devout.   Most Muslims are not in fact potential terrorists since they lack the required devotion.  But Islam is by itself sufficient explanation, without the need for a political / geographic connection.

This is not a political conflict.  It is religious.  Luckily, most Muslims are not devout, for entirely personal reasons...just like most Christians and Jews.  But there are many more devout among Muslims than there are among Christians and Jews, both numerically and by percentage, and unlike Christians and Jews, they are scripturally enjoined to subjugate or kill those who are not coreligionists, if they do not pay the jizya tax on nonbelievers and acknowledge the dominance of Islam. 

Those we call radical Islamists are recognized by many imams as devout Muslims. 

Gigot, channeling the FBI, asks "What should we have done?"  His answeer, surveillance and sting operations, areis expensive and too often may fail.

Instead, I suggest these questions to identify the devout:

1. Do you accept every word of the Qur'an as God's word, inerrant, unalterable and final?  Has the Hadith the force of God's word?

2. Are you willing to obey every clear implication of Allah's word as transmitted in these holy writs despite the appearance of immorality as interpreted by the rest of the world?  Despite negative material repercussions on yourself, your family, your nation, and the Ummah?

3. Is attainment of Paradise the only important goal of living?  Is a suicide bomber/martyr guaranteed to enter Paradise?

4. Do you believe that jihad in both its expressions is the highest form of service to Allah? 

5. Do you believe that it is the duty of every Muslim to do whatever is necessary to bring the entire world into dar-el-islam?

6. Do you believe that there is no moral obligation to tell the truth to kafir?    Do you follow Mohammad's example of al-taqiyya to deceive in order to defend and advance Islam?

7. Do you believe it is shameful for Muslims to be subject to a non-Islamic government?

8. Do you believe that shari'a law is binding on all people, not just on Muslims?

9. Do you believe that the laws of your nation of residence are not equally binding on Muslims and non-Muslims?

10. Do you believe that the sunnah of Mohammad commands that those who leave Islam must be punished?  Do you agree?

11. Mohammad taught that pagans, Christians, and Jews who did not submit should be killed.  Do you agree?

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