Hillary’s terrorism-enabling surrogate

It is more than time for Hillary Clinton’s ethnic pandering to blow back on her campaign for president.  When she was running for the Senate in New York State, getting her husband Bill to pardon Puerto Rican terrorists who had bombed historic Fraunces Tavern in Lower Manhattan seemed like smart move, despite the New Yorkers who perished.  After all, Puerto Ricans are a major New York Democrat voting bloc.

But one of the terrorists, Oscar Lopez Rivera, a true fanatic, refused to renounce violence and so had to remain imprisoned.  He still affirms the justice of terrorism in his particular cause.

This makes it very awkward for those who support him, especially following the hideous terror attack in Orlando last weekend – including one of Hillary’s key surrogates in New York.  The New York Post editors explain:

Even as the victims were bleeding out in Orlando early Sunday, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was tweeting her support for another terrorist, unrepentant bomber Oscar Lopez Rivera. (snip)

The speaker is a fervent Puerto Rican nationalist, you see. And since that’s Rivera’s cause, too, she plainly doesn’t care about his victims (not even the New Yorkers killed by his bombs), or the fact that he’d have won release from federal prison years ago — had he been willing to renounce violence.

And so, hours before Sunday’s National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Mark-Viverito tweeted out yet another call for the president to give Rivera an unconditional pardon.

Next she learned of the Orlando slaughter, and tweeted, “disgusted and horrified.”

But then, minutes later, as SWAT officers were storming Pulse, she blithely went back to pushing for the release of her favorite terrorist, with a photo of her embracing him.

Hmm. Mark-Viverito is a prominent surrogate for Hillary Clinton. Does Clinton really need an advocate for an unrepentant home-grown terrorist on her team? A terrorist who won’t even express remorse?

The only decent thing for Hillary to do would be to rebuke Mark-Viverito.  But of course that will never happen.  And decency has nothing to do with Hillary.

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