Hillary Hilarity

For all the distaste I feel for Hillary Clinton, she is an ideal foil for humor.  American humor delights in skewering pretentiousness, and with her phony self-righteousness and pretend concern for the victims of society while enriching herself, she offers abundant opportunities for humor.  As I pointed out some time ago, she is the Margaret Dumont of American politics, an ideal target for derision.

Two absolutely hilarious send-ups of her today offer me hope.  The first comes from Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, who responded to a tweet in which Hillary led with her glass jaw:

The second comes from “Shep” on a Disqus comment at Scott Adams’s blog.  It is particularly poignant today, in the wake of Hillary calling out the Saudis for funding radical Islam, and posing as a friend of gays:

I encourage readers to add their own examples of Hillary Hilarity in the comments.