Hacker dumps thousands of documents from DNC oppo research of Clinton

Documents released by the hacker known as "Guccifer 2.0" that were hacked from the Democratic National Committee servers show that the party performed opposition research on Hillary Clinton's speech contracts and travel records.  The purpose of the research was to prepare responses to GOP attacks.

In addition to the hack of DNC servers, Guccifer 2.0 also hacked the Clinton Foundation, revealing a list of sizable donations to the organization.

Smoking Gun:

The hacker this morning began distributing more than 250 files--totaling thousands of pages of records--that appear to have been prepared by DNC research staff.

In e-mails to TSG, “Guccifer 2.0” claimed to be from Romania (like “Guccifer”) and portrayed himself as a “hacktivist” with “a lot of fans” and an “unknown hacker with a laptop.” He also chafed at TSG’s prior description of him as a felon. “Ok, but stop calling me the vandal. I'm not a criminal I'm a freedom fighter,” the hacker wrote.

As for the DNC’s claim that the breach was the work of Russian intelligence agents, “Guccifer 2.0” dismissed the assertion as a “Total fail!!!” In recent correspondence, the hacker has used an AOL France e-mail account.

The bulk of the material released today centers on Clinton’s position on scores of domestic and international issues and criticisms leveled against her by assorted opponents. The documents include Clinton’s counterarguments to those attacks from Republican officials and other foes.

Along with Clinton’s tax returns, personal financial disclosure reports, and U.S. Senate travel records, the DNC dossier included  src="http://thesmokinggun.com/sites/default/files/assets/gulfstreamjet16.jpg" style="border:0px;float:left;" width="323" />copies of contract documents related to the presidential candidate’spaid speeches.

In addition to a “standard” $225,000 fee, Clinton required a“chartered roundtrip private jet” that needed to be a Gulfstream 450 or a larger aircraft. Depending on its outfitting, the Gulfstream jet, which costs upwards of $40 million, can seat 19 passengers and “sleeps up to six.” Clinton’s contract also stipulated that speech hosts had to pay for separate first class or business airfare for three of her aides.

As for lodging, Clinton required “a presidential suite” and up to “three (3) adjoining or contiguous rooms for her travel aides” and up to two extra rooms for advance staff. The host was also responsible for the Clinton travel party’s ground transportation, meals, and “phone charges/cell phones.”

Why would "Guccifer," who may or may not represent more than one hacker connected to Russian intelligence, want these political documents?


“Why would Russia go to this trouble? Simple answer -- because it met their foreign policy objectives, to weaken the U.S. in the eyes of our allies and adversaries,” said Conlon, now CEO of Vahna Inc., a cyber security firm in Washington. Publishing the DNC report on Trump “weakens both candidates -- lists out all the weaknesses of Trump specifically while highlighting weaknesses of Clinton’s security issues. The end result is a weaker president once elected.”

Speculation about motive includes the idea that Putin would have something so damaging on Hillary Clinton that he could blackmail her into silence or a different foreign policy direction.  This sort of gangsterism is perfectly in keeping with Putin's M.O., so the blackmail angle can hardly be dismissed.

Guccifer is apparently saving the juicy stuff for another day.  Meanwhile, either the Republicans were successful in fending off hacks on their servers, or we just haven't caught them yet.  The hacks certainly show we are living in a brave new cyber-world, where secrets are cheap and transient.