Gays for Trump?

I have a friend in Washington, D.C. who has long, intimate discussions with her hairdressers.  They are both out as gay men and both in the closet as conservatives.  They feel they have to whisper into her ear when discussing politics or they will be shunned by their gay co-workers and perhaps lose their jobs.  So it is quite telling that in the aftermath of Orlando, some gays are speaking out – in some cases anonymously – in support of Donald Trump.

Anonymous writes in PJ Media:

The events of Orlando have shattered my political beliefs, as I can no longer swear allegiance to a peace-love-and-unicorns progressive philosophy that only helps to get my fellow queers killed.

(snip) Muslim extremists, with guns, murder us, and on the left our only response is to bleat about "Islamophobia" and jump through hoops trying to explain away the self-evident religious motivation for the killings.

Oh sure, all year I've been playing the "Bernie or Hillary?" game with all the other default-Democrats in my social and professional circles. But this is no longer some kind of game. Our lives are on the line. Although I voted for Hillary in the primary, I now cringe inwardly with shame and embarrassment at having done so, and in November I will vote for Trump.

The Gateway Pundit editor has an important story on Breitbart, entitled "After the Pulse Club Massacre, It's Time for Gays to Come Home to Republican Party."

I came out in the 1980s to family and friends during the AIDS epidemic[.] ... It was a scary time to be gay.

Like most gay Americans, I don't wear my sexuality on my sleeve. I go about my daily business. I try not to harm anyone. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my country.

I've been a conservative activist for years. But today I'm coming out as a conservative gay activist.

In the past few years I've built one of the most prominent conservative websites in America. I created The Gateway Pundit because I wanted to speak the truth. I wanted to expose the wickedness of the left. I was raised to love my country. Today I serve my country by defending her from the socialist onslaught.

But last night at least 49 gays were slaughtered at an Orlando club.

Despite this obvious Islamic attack, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are still in denial.

I can no longer remain silent as my gay brothers and sisters are being slaughtered at dance clubs.

There is only one man who can lead this nation and protect all gays and all Americans. His name is Donald Trump.

The Gateway Pundit itself has this story: "After Gay Club Massacre – Phoenix LGBT Officially Endorses Trump."  In an update, it's reported that the Phoenix LGBT account was created this weekend after the horrific shooting in Orlando.  It's a small step – don't hold your breath waiting for an established gay group to endorse Trump – but it is a first step.

There is a "gaysfortrump" Facebook page started by openly conservative gay Joseph Murray.  It is small, with only 1,500 likes.  It will be interesting to see if this grows in the next days and weeks.

Murray has a column on the Orlando massacre on Breitbart today.

While the LGBT community is routinely told its only home is the Democratic Party, this tragedy exposed that the Democratic Party will not do what is necessary to protect the LGBT community. If this shooting had been a crazed Christian fanatic or white supremacist, one only imagines the outrage the Left would have spewed.  (snip) The LGBT community needs to wake up and stop being played for fools. Hillary does not have its back and will not take the measures as president to protect LGBT Americans; protect all Americans. (snip) Stop the nonsense over the refugee program and entertain the notion that Trump was correct when he proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

James Driscoll wrote in March advocating for more gays to give Trump a second look:

Nearly half of LGBTQ people think more like Republicans than like liberal Democrats on an array of issues unrelated to the red herring of sex: e.g. immigration, trade and jobs, regulation, healthcare, taxes, education and government red tape and intrusion. If only the Republicans would hold true to their professed principles of individual liberty and limited government, half of LGBTQ people might consider voting GOP.

Trump is a maverick, a wild, outrageous "only in America" original.  (snip) Many Americans, including LGBTQs, seek a captain to steer us out from the treacherous shoals of special interest politics and set the nation's course by the real needs of all its people.

Libertarian gay billionaire Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and a board member at Facebook, is slated to serve as a California delegate for Donald Trump.

Tellingly, gay journalist Owen Jones walked off a live Sky News set, he was so disgusted with his fellow liberal pundits' insistence on describing the Islamic gunman as a "lunatic" and refusing to agree that it was "homophobic terrorism."

Gay men have divided interests.  Many are successful businessmen and professionals targeted by progressives along with all the rest of America's successful, taxpaying white males.  Many are loyal to the conservative values they were raised with and are not wholly defined by their sexual orientation.  A portion of them will weigh their personal safety and our national security against Democrat pieties, overcome their prejudice against Republicans, and join Trump.