From 'expletive deleted' to 'ISIS deleted'

Some of us are old enough to remember the phrase "expletive deleted."  It happened when the Nixon administration deleted some of  the R-rated language from the frank exchanges between the president and his advisers.      

We got the Obama version of redacted transcripts on Monday.  It was an effort to delete information that connected the Orlando terrorist to ISIS terrorism.  The Obama administration has been on a mission since Benghazi to disconnect Islamic terrorism from any attack against Americans, from the consulate in Libya to San Bernardino and now Orlando.  

President Obama wants you to think these events were inspired by a video, workplace violence, or just an attack against people on Latino night at the Pulse.    

The New York Post makes a good point this morning in its editorial:

Four years ago, Team Obama made then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice tour all the Sunday shows to blame the deadly Benghazi attack on an internet video, rather than on the terrorist plot they all knew it was. 

She looked a fool once the administration finally admitted the truth, just as Loretta Lynch does now.

It makes you wonder: Who at the White House feels compelled to send women of color out to humiliate themselves on national TV?

The real question is, why is the Obama administration so eager to disconnect terrorists from terrorism?  President Obama told us he had ended the wars and referred to ISIS as the J.V. team.  Most of all, talking about terrorism or sending troops to Iraq is the last thing Obama's voters expected in year eight of his presidency.    

Nixon was deleting bad language.  Obama wants to delete reality!

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