Former Canadian Prime Minister has epic Twitter meltdown over Trump

The 19th Prime Minister of Canada, Kim Campbell, is experiencing an ongoing Twitter meltdown of epic proportions over Donald Trump.

Usually former leaders of neighboring democracies behave with maturity and class after they have left office when it comes to the internal politics of the other state. But not Ms. Campbell.

Some representative tweets by the former prime minister:

-- Calling Trump a "weenie": "And a super-sensitive, thin-skinned weenie at that! LOL!" -- Kim Campbell, May 31, 2016 as she re-tweets a professor at the Naval War College also calling Trump a "weenie"

-- Calling Trump a "scuzzbag": "Definition of 'scuzzbag'!" -- Kim Campbell, May 31, 2016 as she retweets the senior editor of The Daily Beast going after Trump over veterans affairs issues

Interested readers can peruse her feed for further undiplomatic idiocy, but the following tweet of Ms. Campbell's with regard to Trump caught my eye:

-- "No- he must lose so badly that there is no room for revanchist 'I wuz robbed' conspiracy- believe me- there will be!" -- Kim Campbell, May 29, 2016 as she re-tweets the now infamously irresponsible quote from Mediaite whereby the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens states that "Trump must lose so badly that the GOP voters 'learn their lesson'"

When it comes to losing an election badly, Campbell is the poster-child. She led the Progressive Conservative party in 1993 to the worst known defeat of any incumbent party -- and potentially worst defeat ever -- within a Western democracy.

For international readers, some background is needed. Due to an undemocratic flaw in Canada's parliamentary system, a prime minister can be effectively unelected -- as Campbell was. Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney led the Progressive Conservative party until early 1993. Upon his resignation from politics, a leadership race in the party was conducted, Campbell won, and by default she assumed the prime minister role.

Campbell was never elected to the prime ministerial role. Voters in the previous (1988) election could not reasonably have expected her to ever become party leader should Mulroney step down before his term was finished. Ergo, Campbell never had any true mandate to govern.

And when voters were asked whether they wanted Campbell to govern the nation during the 1993 election, we saw a drubbing of biblical proportions. The answer was the most unequivocal "no" ever handed down to a governing democratic leader.

In the 1984 election, Mulroney won 211 (or 75%) of the seats in the House of Commons. Come the 1988 election, the party picked up a still respectable majority of 169 seats (57%).

Then came Ms. Campbell's turn to lead the party to victory in the 1993 election, or at least a decent showing. Instead, she only managed two (yes, 2) seats out of a possible 295, or 0.68%. After Mulroney won two majority parliaments, Campbell could only manage a fifth-place finish among all parties. And she lost her own seat in a landslide victory for her Liberal opponent.

She's now on her third husband, and has no children.

In short, Campbell knows what it is like to "lose so badly that there is no room for revanchist 'I wuz robbed' conspiracy" and to learn a lesson. The lesson from the 1993 election is that the Canadian electorate despised Campbell, and the arrogance and disdain she has displayed towards the voting public in her comments about Trump nicely contextualize why she was a failure at political leadership. Not too long after Campbell's election loss, her party ceased to exist altogether at the federal level and has never been seen since in the Canadian electoral scene.

Campbell displays problems common among the progressive wing of the "progressive conservative" marriage that characterizes center-right Canadian politics, namely a lack of judgment and unprincipled non-conservatism.

We've seen that reinforced multiple times in recent years. Witness the current interim leader of Canada's Conservative Party -- Rona Ambrose -- conducting a love-in selfie with Elizabeth May (another Mulroney product), the radical leader of the Green Party, in support of May's dangerously misguided climate-change related bill on Lyme disease.

Then there is current "Conservative" MP Jason Kenney, Canada's former Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, whose twitter feed contains a number of love-ins over the years with Urz Heer, the now infamous Muslim with Liberal Party ties who recently publicly accused the Conservative Party -- of which Kenney is a member -- of Islamophobia at the party's most recent conference. The current leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party, Patrick Brown, contains similar linkages to Heer.

The establishment hates Trump because Trump threatens the corrupt establishment, and this incompetent establishment isn't just localized in one country. It's a multinational effort that is easy to connect the dots among, with far fewer than six degrees of separation. Just take Campbell, a Canadian, re-tweeting David Frum's anti-Trump rant in the The Atlantic, considering that Frum is also a Canadian, but who was a speechwriter for George W. Bush in 2001 and 2002, and you get the magnitude of the problem.

If the base doesn't wake up and immediately start enforcing true conservatism, she is going to be all over for the West in short order.

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