E.E. Cummings understood liberalism

The liberal mind pretends it is intelligent by being open-minded.  But open-minded is empty-headed, and the failure to see distinctions when lines are drawn in the sand of consciousness is reminiscent of Obama drawing a false red line in Syria.

The liberal mind fails to make distinctions and decisions.  E.E. Cummings saw it a hundred years ago in his poem, "the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls."

Years before the generation of political correctness Cummings saw that the Cambridge ladies were limited thinkers who had "comfortable minds."  They were ideologically unidimensional.

Cummings understood that liberals aren't capable of understanding things larger than themselves: "the Cambridge ladies do not care, above / Cambridge if sometimes in its box of / sky lavender and cornerless, the / moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy."

Like Cummings, I am often troubled by the false charitable feelings of selfish people.  Cummings writes, "at the present writing one still finds/delighted fingers knitting for the is it Poles? / perhaps."

Poles, trolls, Black Lives Matter, transgenders – the causes multiply like rabbits in a cage.  Not that the liberals really care about any of their causes.  They just pretend because it reflects on themselves and allows them to feel better about themselves as good people.  They want to feel indignant about how others treat others rather than examining their own failures.

Spare me from good people.  Give me someone who will shoot Omar Mateen when he kills innocents at The Pulse.  Give me justice, not weepy eyes.

Plastic-wood-faced Andrew Cuomo once said he wanted all conservatives to leave New York.  If he switched the invitation to leave to all liberals, we would have a more intelligent, less violent, less bigoted state.

The poets like Cummings always get it right.