'Dump Trump' will die an ignoble death in the convention rules committee

The "dump Trump" movement has been scurrying around raising money and trying to raise support among the delegates to deny the candidate who won the most votes in the primaries the nomination. They have only one problem: the rules committtee, which has the final say-so in altering the procedure to nominate a candidate, is not on board with their plan, and many are actively opposing them. Politico: POLITICO reached out to all 112 members of the committee that will write the rules of the national GOP convention. This is the panel that anti-Trump activists hope to jam a proposal through to free convention delegates to spurn Trump and select another candidate instead. What emerged from the survey, though, is a portrait of a committee with little interest in the dump Trump crowd. In fact, most members may be eager to stop them. “I support DJT 100%,” said Alabama rules committee member Laura Payne in an email. “I ran to support … Trump...(Read Full Post)