Donald Trump does not go far enough

Donald Trump has said he wants to ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States.  And while he’s been lambasted from all sides for this proposal, in my view, it does not go far enough.

Trump stops short of offering a comprehensive plan that is long overdue, and it appears he has not educated himself on the teachings of the Quran.  Although he’s had an intuition that something is not right about Islam, he has not delved into the underpinnings of Islamic law and therefore cannot speak to the matter in a way that would educate the public and combat the lies, lies, and more lies tossed out about the nature of Islam.

It would be a step in the right direction if Trump would consult with the likes of Andrew McCarthy, Frank Gaffney, Sebastian Gorka, Robert Spencer, and other experts on Islamic law and the myriad ways Islam asserts dominance around the world.

As for Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from coming to the United States, it’s a great idea, but it does not go far enough.

The policy of FBI training materials being scrubbed of all references to Islam must be reversed.  The DHS policy of scrubbing references to “jihad,” “sharia,” and other appropriate terms must be reversed.  The booming business of “refugee resettlement” must come to an end.  Members of the Muslim Brotherhood must be purged from government agencies, and Muslim Brotherhood front groups must be exposed for what they are and dealt with accordingly.  Muslim schools that teach hate must be closed.  Muslims of America jihad training compounds must be shut down.  We must address prisons as breeding grounds for future jihadists.  Burqas and niqabs must be banned.

In addition, our dependence on oil from Saudi Arabia must come to a grinding halt.  We must re-evaluate our ties to Turkey and Qatar and investigate them as state sponsors of terror.  We must stop funding the Palestinian Authority.  We must pull out of the United Nations.  And we must stop Iran’s nuclear program.

For starters.

Keeping going, Mr. Trump.  The hour is late.