Documents reveal Obama administration 'misrepresented' released illegal alien crime stats

Documents obtained by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) show that the Obama administration "misrepresented" the number of serious crimes committed by illegal aliens released by ICE.  In fact, the number of crimes is close to 10 times the number that the administration gave Congress.


According to FAIR, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) request on FAIR’s behalf reveal that the 30,558 criminal aliens ICE released in FY 2014 committed 13,288 additional crimes.

The number of subsequent convictions contained in FIOA documents is far higher than the 1,423 additional offenses ICE reported to the House Judiciary Committee last July.

The criminal aliens released in FY 2014 who went on to commit those additional crimes had convictions for offenses like homicide, kidnapping, assault, sexual assault, and drunk driving. The new crimes, according to ICE’s report to Congress, included vehicular homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, DUI, burglary and assault.

“Rather than end dangerous politically-driven policies that have put a total of 85,000 deportable criminal aliens back onto the streets in the last three years, ICE tried to hide them by providing grossly inaccurate information to Congress and the American people,” Dan Stein, the president of FAIR, said in statement.

In April, ICE revealed that it released an additional 19,723 criminal aliens —who had a total of 64,197 convictions among them including 101 homicide convictions, 216 kidnapping convictions, 320 sexual assault convictions, 1,728 assault convictions, and 12,307 driving under the influence of alcohol convictions — from custody in FY 2015.

In response to the FY 2015 numbers, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte warned that the Obama Administration’s immigration policies are creating “a sanctuary for tens of thousands of criminal aliens.”

“The American public has been misled by the enforcement priorities, deferred action, and executive action policies of this Administration, which categorize only certain so-called ‘serious’ criminal aliens as worthy of detention and then removal,” Goodlatte said in a statement. “Despite its rhetoric, the fact remains that the Obama Administration continues to willingly free dangerous criminal aliens, allowing them to continue to prey upon communities across the United States.”

I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding that the White House will clear up in a jiffy.  I mean, it's not as though they deliberately lied or anything, right?  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this miscalculation was just a joke – a little bit of bureaucratic humor.

If that's what it was, no one is laughing.  ICE will come up with an alternate set of stats showing that they didn't lie so much as shade the truth.  They simply refused to count most crimes committed by illegal aliens released into an unsuspecting population.  The discrepancy is in their definition of "serious crime," I'm sure.

The White House and ICE have serious problems with the truth.  Every single statistic given to Congress on immigration should be disbelieved, and ICE should be forced to document its assertions. 

Perhaps they think if they minimize the problem enough, things will just take care of themselves. 

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