Dems and Benghazi

The Democrats on the Benghazi committee show how little they cared about the facts and the death of four Americans and how partisan they are when they mentioned Trump 23 times in their report. Who actually politicized the deaths?

Maybe they paid such little attention that they didn’t realize that Trump wasn’t President or Secretary of State in 2012. Trump was not the one who didn’t lift a finger to save the four Americans. Trump was not the one that decided not to try to rescue the Americans even though no one knew how long the attack was going to last. Trump did not concoct a lie blaming a video instead of terrorism because there was an election coming up. Trump had no reason to worry if the truth came out before the 2012 election. Trump wasn’t concerned about maintaining his political power.  Trump did not send Susan Rice out to lie on five news programs blaming a video. Trump did not receive the bodies and lie to the families of those that died. Trump did not use a private non-secure server to hide information from the public. Trump did not violate multiple security laws when handling classified documents. Trump did not hide E mails and other documents from the committee. Trump did not go on the radio in the Middle East to falsely blame the video.

Trump did not go before the committee and say at this point why does it matter how or why they died. After all they just died. Maybe we shouldn’t investigate any mass killing for why or how they died. After all why does it matter?

Trump had nothing to do with Benghazi, Hillary and Obama did so his name should not have been in the report.

The only possible reason for the Democrats to bring up his name was an attempt to change the subject and as with most other things a lot of the media will go along and say we just aren’t able to find anything that Hillary did that is very bad. Lies mean nothing to the media when they have a candidate and agenda to push.

I only mentioned Trump’s name 15 times in this diatribe, 8 times less than the Democrats in their report.

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