Deflector general

Like Susan Rice back in 2012, when the Obama administration needed to sell the lie that the terrorist attack on the consulate in Benghazi was because of a YouTube video, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was on all five Sunday news programs today to disseminate the administration's prescribed narrative on the Orlando massacre; gun control; and, fleetingly, the Clinton investigation.

Lynch is a beautiful woman with a sultry, soft voice, and she is a skilled master of deflection.  She rarely answers the questions asked of her and instead deftly moves to get the administration's talking points on record.  Her manner is so seductive that the interviewers do not press her as they would anyone else who ignored the questions asked.  They are seemingly lulled by her carefully calculated responses that have little or nothing to do with the questions asked.

On each appearance, Lynch referenced how often members of the LGBT community seemingly are daily victims of hate crimes, even though Mateen apparently did not mention gays in his lengthy conversations with the police that night.  This was the one new tidbit she revealed this morning.  She also said the transcripts about to be released of the shooter's conversations with law enforcement over those three hours would be edited.  We are not going to be allowed to hear his testaments to ISIS and the rest of his radical Islamist ranting.   The DOJ believes we might be led astray, to think radical Islamic terrorism is indeed the problem we face thanks to Obama's sympathetic coddling of their cause.  I wonder if, had the target of his murderous rage been a Jewish synagogue, she would have mentioned Islamic Jew-hatred.  Probably not.

When a couple of the hosts asked about the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton's private server and suggested that the appointment of an independent prosecutor would go a long way toward clearing the air of partisan politics that now surround the investigation, she of course deflected again.  Even though her boss has endorsed Clinton, she of course sees no conflict of interest!  When asked if she discussed the Clinton case with Obama, with whom she met right after he endorsed her, she again denied any impropriety.

She is a Machiavellian piece of work.  Obama knew what he was doing when he appointed her.  She never raises her voice.  She never answers a direct question.  My guess is that she never tells the truth.  She is an oleaginous partisan hack, "oozing charm from every pore as she oiled her way across the floor" (My Fair Lady) and the five Sunday news shows.