Civil rights data from public school has some eye-opening conclusions

There are some surpising statistics in the Department of Education's massive civil rights survey that bring into sharp focus some of the disparities in school districts across the country. The survey was sent to all 95,000 public schools in America. Washington Post: The U.S. Education Department on Tuesday released a trove of data drawn from surveys of nearly every single one of the nation’s 95,000 public schools. This latest installment of the Civil Rights Data Collection, from the 2013-2014 school year, offers a sobering look at the wide disparities in experience and opportunity that divide the nation’s 50 million students. By the fall, anyone will be able to look up data on a specific school or school district online. GreatSchools, the website that provides information about school test scores and demographics, also is planning to incorporate the civil rights data into its school profiles. Meantime, here are five eye-opening figures from the...(Read Full Post)