Bank of England governor was a major reason the UK voted for Brexit

As globalists moan over the democratic decision by voters in the United Kingdom to leave the EU, the old dog-whistle claims of racism come spewing forth from the intellectually deprived commentariat. In a Twitter dust-up with Canadian Conservative Party member of Parliament Jason Kenney, a columnist from the financially troubled National Post newspaper, John Ivison, accused 52% of the British public of being racist. Kenney tweeted support for the Brexit side, to which Ivison replied that "[y]ou [Kenney] reject Trump but applaud the same dog-whistle racism propounded by Farage and his fellow anti-establishment travellers ... This had nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with bigotry." Kenney's response was that "52% of the British people are not bigots. A desire to be able to manage borders & migration is not bigotry." Ivison then stepped in a pile of his own making when Friday he wrote an article that included both criticism of...(Read Full Post)