Canadian journalist suggests Christianity treats women as poorly as Islam

After the shootings in Orlando, one of Canada's left-wing national newspapers (in all truth, there are no other kind in the Great White Abyss) -- the National Post -- predictably sent a journalist, Ashley Csanady, down to Florida to write a tabloid-style hit piece on American gun laws.

Subsequently, Csanady and Canadian conservative media commentator Ezra Levant got into a Twitter dust-up related to the article.

And when Levant noted that "[e]very time, I'm surprised by the lengths white liberals will go to deny the misogyny of Islam. The homophobia too," Csanady's response was "[b]ecause Christianity just oozes women's empowerment."

Csanady followed up with a Tweet apparently directly at Levant's height: "What is it about short men and their need to try and knock down strong women?"

All this is par for the course at the National Post, whose financial troubles are legendary within the Canadian media landscape. Analysts have recently set a price target on its parent corporation, Postmedia Network Canada Corp., of zero (yes, $0.00).

The real joke about the National Post came during a recent interview Levant conducted on his flagship media enterprise, TheRebel, with Ray Heard -- "a Canadian-South African journalist, editor, media executive and political strategist" -- where Heard claimed the following:

That the National Post, because Postmedia, which is run by a very smart conservative, Paul Godfrey.

Postmedia, and the National Post, are run by "a very smart conservative"? If so, then why is this media outlet condoning nonsense -- indeed, paying for it -- such as that perpetuated by Csanady? And why are there very few, if any, actual conservatives on the National Post's opinion pages?

Of course, perhaps Postmedia is going bankrupt specifically because its opinion pages are filled with mindless left-wing drivel? And perhaps the Conservative Party of Canada can take it to the bank that they will lose elections as long as "very smart conservatives" running major media outlets continue to populate their journalist and opinion page ranks with raging liberals.

If Postmedia's leadership wants to get serious about profitability and conservatism, it can start by firing the entire staff of journalists and commentators at the National Post. But if this medicine is too difficult to swallow, then that stock price target of zero is fast approaching.

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