Betrayal and Contempt; Lessons from the 'Free State of Jones'

The new film about Newton Knight is quite a tale.  It's based on a true Civil War story that has  been fictionalized to a certain extent by the great screenwriter writer Gary Ross (Big, Seabiscuit, Dave).  The core of the story is the betrayal by Confederate soldiers and their leaders of their own people, particularly the poorest among them in Jones County, Mississippi and beyond.   

Beginning in 1862, when the war was at its most brutal and bloody, when young men and boys were being regularly marched to their deaths in double rank battle lines at the better armed Union armies, Knight, thoroughly disgusted by the senseless death all around him became a deserter.   He is helped, befriended and then comes to lead a group of runaway slaves and a few other deserters.  They grow into an army of a hundred or so that rebels against the Confederate practice of going to small homes and farms and taking their "ten percent." That would be ten percent of their clothes, food, crops, livestock, etc.  But these soldiers always took nearly everything leaving these families, mostly women and children, barely ten percent on which to survive. 

The Confederate soldiers tasked with "supplying the army" in this manner were beasts - think ISIS!  They beat the people who resisted, burned  homes and churches, killed and hanged young boys and runaway slaves and they did these things with a certain relish.  The Emancipation Proclamation and the end of the war did little to better the lives of the people, black or poor white, in the deep South.  That fact is pretty much common knowledge.  What is not common knowledge are the actions of men like Newton Knight,  men and women who fought against the Confederacy for the heinous wrongs they regularly committed against them while leaving the wealthy plantation owners and their property alone.  

Like Martin Luther King, skin color did not matter to Knight, the content of one's character did. It is a fine film.  It is a film about people who think without thinking that they are smarter and better than others and believe they can dictate how others should live their lives, and that they should be able to take from them whatever they want.  These are the kind of people who never recognize the truly gifted and good people who exist around them.  They are blinkered to righteousness smf do not know it when they see it.

All of which brings us to Brexit, Hillary and Obama.   All those people around the world who are so shocked that Brexit passed are of the same ilk.  Thankfully less overtly violent for the moment but the same. They have nothing but contempt for those who voted for their nation's sovereignty, who want their borders back, their culture back.  YouTube is chock full of such folks spewing their insults at the Leavers. (See Van Jones' rant.)   

Obama and Hillary similarly demonstrate contempt for the millions of Americans who want their country back, like Knight wanted his county back and to be treated with respect and civility.  Obama and Hillary daily lecture us about how many more immigrants and refugees they mean to bring here, "because that's who we are," despite the millions of American citizens out of work, despite the obvious terrorist threat from those from ISIS territory, without regard for the diseases the may bring to our shores, the crimes they may commit, and without regard for the cost to taxpayers to settle them with magnanimous benefits Obama provides.

Americans who support Trump are mocked, loathed and abhorred by the internationalist, anti-American, pro-globalist left, the congressional establishment and academic intellectuals, the NYT, the Washington Post, and the LA Times, NBC, CBS, and ABC. Quite an impressive and powerful list of  boosters. 

But self-immolation by colonization is NOT who we are.  Nor is it who the Brits are who voted to Leave the EU, nor is it the French, Italian, Spanish and Netherlanders who want their countries back as well. They are justifiably sick and tired of idiotic non-entities in Brussels telling them what they can eat, how their cucumbers and bananas must be shaped, how much they must pay to the EU. 

Newton Knight was an object of derision for the Confederate soldiers he tormented in revenge for their crimes even after his numerous successful exploits brought them low. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are figures of fun the globalist left loves to ridicule but they are connecting with the people who vote. And vote they did and vote they will.