Bad blood: Britain, Brexit, and Barack

Having to listen to threats from the worst president in U.S. history is reason enough for Brits to vote to pull out of the European Union in the June 23 national referendum.

The murder of Jo Cox, a female member of Parliament who supported remaining in the EU – and consequently opening the floodgate of Middle East immigration, as called for by Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel – has placed a pall on the referendum campaign.  Before the incident , Brexit (meaning Britain's exit the EU) was leading in the polls.

Obama was in the U.K. before the demise of Jo Cox when he issued his extortion: if you Brits quit the EU, you will go to the bottom of the U.S. list of trading partners.  The wry smugness on his face was evident, likely derived from his pleasure bossing around the nation whose empire was equal to none in human history.

Britannia's rule included Kenya, home of Obama's father, and the scene of ugly resistance by Jomo Kenyatta and his Mau-Mau movement, made familiar to Americans by Robert Ruark's book Something of Value and the sequel, Uhuru.  Thus, coursing through Obama's blood is a resentment for the British empire that lingers.  For instance, one of his first acts as president was to return a bust of Winston Churchill, a gift to the United States from Great Britain, symbolizing the friendship between the two allies since World War II.  Much later, the Obama White House was caught lying in its denial that the bust was returned, knowing that it has resided in the British embassy since 2008.  (Turns out there were two identical busts of Churchill by sculptor Jacob Epstein: the one given back by Obama and a second presented to President Lyndon Johnson in 1965.)

While the Churchill bust served as an unintended symbol of Obama's antipathy to the mother of all empires, it was only a soupcon of an all-pervasive hatred of imperial Great Britain drummed into the heads of all little socialists like young Barack.  This party-line propaganda goes back to Lenin and his phobic hatred of Great Britain as the fount of bourgeois values, evil international bankers, and empire.  This negative criticism of Britain faded after World War II, to be replaced in the communist mind with the U.S.  Recall the refrain of anti-American slogans beginning in the 1950s against the bomb, and America as the epitome of imperialism in Vietnam.  The U.S., to leftists, is the heir to Rule Britannia.

Thus it is that young Barack learned at the knee of his earliest mentors that the U.S. is an empire, a condition it inherited from the British.  That's why his global perspective is to have the U.S. knocked off its pedestal as world leader and our arsenal decimated, with each nation in his one-world goal viewed as somehow equal.  It follows that young Barack saw the European Union as a great leap forward to extinguish nationalism – seen by socialists as the root cause of war – and, best of all, solve problems and run government collectively.

To Obama, the EU is a dream come true in the making: nations subsume their pesky sovereignty to hold hands with their neighbors for the "greater good."  Better, the EU is a huge and byzantine bureaucracy, all speaking different languages and meeting in two capitals governed by Euro ministers, totally out of touch with their countries and oblivious to constituents.  Obviously, then, the EU is nirvana to socialists – the power to write down and regulate every transaction and activity, with 28 different countries forced to obey.

Now the end is finally nigh – not just for Britain, but for many more members under legal pressure to accept a quota of refugees from the Middle East.  Obama's advice to Britain to remain in the EU is disingenuous, obviously not for Britain's own good.

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