Are illegals kidnapping kids at the border to pass themselves off as a 'family'?

Under the Obama administration, illegal alien families caught at the border are quickly released after being given a summons to appear in immigration court. That policy was actually imposed by a federal judge during the 1990s as part of what is known as the Flores Agreement.  Now the administration is looking to reimpose a policy of detaining families apprehended at the border, and illegal alien families are suing to prevent it. One administration official made the startling claim that some illegals are kidnapping children at the border and using them to appear as a family unit so that they are processed and released quickly. But is that true? Washington Times: Leon Fresco, a deputy assistant attorney general who handles immigration cases, made the stunning claim as he defended the administration’s policy of detaining illegal immigrant parents and children caught traveling together as they jump the border. After a federal judge last year...(Read Full Post)