WaPo poll confirms Trump surge to lead over Hillary

As Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner takes delight in mocking, the Washington Post took a full 219 words reporting on its latest poll before admitting that Donald Trump now holds a 2 percentage point lead over Hillary Clinton. And CNN’s Jake Tapper was not shy about tweeting the really stunning part:



It now appears that the CBS/New York Times poll showing Hillary with a 6 point lead is an outlier, as two other recent polls have shown Trump with a lead: Fox News shows Trump up 3 and Rasmussen Reports has Trump up 6.  The Real Clear Politics average of polls has Trump with a lead.

I have been closely watching Hillary Clinton since her days as Arkansas first lady. One thing is clear: the more exposure the public gets to Hillary Clinton, the less they like her. She does best when she plays the injured victim. But Americans do not want a victim as their president. Other than being a victim, the next best strategy for her is to remain invisible, or at least out of the news.

But the days when William McKinley could campaign from his front porch and win probably are over.

Besides, if she were to remain on the front porch in Chappaqua, the Energizer might drop in.

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