Video of Hillary Clinton 'lying for 13 minutes' goes viral

A video stringing together clips of Hillary Clinton's lies and flip-flops has gotten 7 million hits on YouTube.  The video was posted in January but didn't receive widespread attention until Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker wrote about it recently.

Washington Times:

Hillary Clinton’s vast résumé of, shall we say, inconsistencies, is the dog that caught the car and won’t let go. A viral video collection of her comments on various subjects through the years is bestirring Republican hearts,” Ms. Parker wrote. “To those who’d rather vote for a reality show host than a Clinton, the video merely confirms what they’ve believed all along. For independents and even Democrats, it’s a reminder of how often Clinton has morphed into a fresh incarnation as required by the political moment.”

The video, posted by a YouTube account for Michael Armstrong, coversMrs. Clinton’s various stances on same-sex marriage, the North American Free Trade Agreement, her infamous “secret server” as secretary of state, health care reform and the time she allegedly risked “sniper fire” in Bosnia.

John Sexton at Hot Air:

Two things are most striking about this video. The first is just how long Hillary has been stringing America along with whatever story suits her at the moment. It’s not as if there was one lie or one bad moment in a long career. She has done this from the moment she became a national figure and she’s still doing it right now. In short, this is not a slip, it’s a consistent part of who she is as a person.

The second striking thing is the brazenness with which she tells stories that are not remotely accurate, such as the Bosnia airport trip. Listen to how she commits before a crowd with lines like “I don’t remember anybody offering me tea on the tarmac…” Do you think that little bit of alliteration–tea on the tarmac–spilled out of her mouth for the first time at that moment? Maybe, but it sure sounds like a line that was scripted. Maybe she wrote it herself or maybe someone wrote it for her. In either case, she’s really milking this lie. She’s not lightly touching on it and moving on. She’s camping out and roasting marshmallows. There is no evidence of any shame. At least Bill looked angry when he got caught in a lie.

Indeed, "brazenness" is a perfect description of Hillary's lies.  "Bald-faced" is another, although that epithet is not in style.  Either way, Clinton – and Trump, for that matter – counts on the short attention span and faulty memories of voters to completely contradict herself or tell lies about her past.

You would hope that projects like this YouTube video would begin to set the record straight.  But with Clinton, there are so many lies that the mind has trouble grasping the enormity of her deception.  It would be easier, of course, to disbelieve everything she says until proven true.  But humans aren't built like that.  We need a certain level of trust in communications, or we go mute. 

But Republicans need to initiate a truth squad for the fall campaign that will issue a blizzard of corrections to the record on Hillary's talking points.  At least the record will be made of your falsehoods and half-truths.

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