Trump's secret weapon

For the record, I am still hoping that we can nominate someone other than Trump.  I am still amazed that the GOP is about to nominate a candidate who blasted Governor Walker of Wisconsin for not raising taxes or who agrees with Michael Moore that Bush lied about Iraqi WMDs.  I also don't care for men who never served in the military giving opinions about who is or isn't a war hero.

But here we are and Mr. Trump has an excellent change of being the nominee.   

And he is getting a lot of help from "los anti-Trumpistas" or "hispanos" in California who never pass a chance to make total fool of themselves.    

A couple of days ago, "los anti-Trumpistas" greeted Mr. Trump and his supporters with Mexican flags.    

What's wrong with that picture?    

First, as we learned in the immigration marches of 2006-07, the best way to turn off people is to stick a foreign flag in their face and call them "racista".

Second, it is ironic that people would bring a Mexican flag to show their disapproval of a candidate's statement about deportations.  Don't these "idiotas" know that the country represented by that flag leads the league in deporting people without papers?    

Third, I love Mexico and it is a wonderful country.  However, it is not a nice country for immigrants without papers or who get involved in domestic politics.   A couple of young Americans learned this lesson a few years ago:

What would Mexico do? The answer is easy: deport them on the spot. In 2002, a dozen American college students, in Mexico legally, participated peacefully in an environmental protest against a planned airport outside of Mexico City. They swiftly found themselves deported as law-breakers for interfering in Mexico’s internal affairs.

So "telegrama" to every "anti-Trumpistas" marching with a Mexican flag: You are helping to elect Trump, in much the same way that Chicago demonstrators helped Mr. Nixon in 1968.     

In fact, you are helping Mr. Trump so much that he will soon send you "una invitacion especial" to his next rally.

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