Trump names the enemy

Chances are that Donald Trump and his foreign policy crowd have not been reading The American Thinker.  I would rather believe that Trump & Co. are just endowed with common sense and a genuine concern for the American interest.  This also happens to be in the best interest of most people in the world — except for the jihad war crowd.

American Thinker and like-minded people have been yelling into the storm for almost eight years now, but we can't take credit for Trump's common sense in foreign affairs.  Good sense guided American policy long before the Rise of the One.

The great exception to ordinary common sense has been Obama himself.

Donald Trump has been attacked as a populist lowbrow, but he has just given a foreign policy speech that makes more sense than any blowhard fantasy coming from the left.  The Don didn't promise to roll back the rising oceans, like King Canute, but instead he presented sensible policy goals to get us out of the swamp.

Trump is promising to be pro-American, in contrast to Obama's fantasy policies that ended up killing hundreds of thousands of people abroad for no discernible reason at all.  Obama bombed Libya for no stated reason except the obvious lie that we were going to stop genocide.  Instead, things got much worse, and today Libya is still entangled in an avoidable civil war.

But the biggest, most desperately needed step has already been taken by Trump, even before the election.

Donald Trump has named the enemy in the Jihad War.  He calls it "radical Islam."  That's good enough, because it labels the war theology of jihad as the real enemy.  We do not hate Muslims.  We hate their indoctrination into a pre-medieval desert theology that makes war on infidels a first duty for every believer.

President El-Sisi of Egypt gave a very brave speech six months ago calling for a change in Islam, to stop the madness of a billion Muslims being told by the ulema, the priesthood, that they are obligated to make endless war against the rest of us.

This may sound like ordinary common sense, but common sense has been painfully missing during the Obama years.

Trump doesn't have to be a genius to figure it out.

The name of the enemy, whether jihad or radical Islam, has been absurdly covered up by Obama and the left, both here and in Europe.

That has been a deliberate and malignant psywar strategy.

Everybody knows who the enemy is, yes, but you can't even define a military strategy without pinpointing those who started and pursued the war against America and the West.

That would be the followers of the jihad war theology of radical Islam.

Obama's failure to point out the enemy has allowed jihad to shape-change into al-Qaeda, ISIS, "Sunni terrorists," "Syrian refugees," Mogadishu pirates, Wahhabis, Salafists, Boko Haram slave-stealers in black Africa, Sudanese genociders against Christian and native African tribes, Hamas, Hezb'allah, the Blind Sheik, Valerie Jarrett's family, Huma Abedin's jihad movement, and Obama's half-brother Malik, the Muslim Brotherhood financier.  All of them have been allowed to pretend to be separate from jihad, because the liberal media go along with the lie.

But jihad is one of the five "pillars of Islam," and every child is indoctrinated to know that.  Jihad is a duty that Muslims are supposed to follow.

Obama's failure to name the enemy has forced the TSA and Homeland Security to carefully avoid checking 25-year-old males named Mohammed with a shifty look in their eyes, smoking underwear, and some easily forged passport — because of course the United States can never "profile" criminals and terrorists.  That would be racist!

Instead, we are searching every little granny whenever she takes a trip to the grandchildren.

Failure to name the enemy has allowed the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Bandar bin Sultan, to stay in this country even after the 9/11 assault.  Failure to name the enemy has allowed Obama to spend billions — or is it trillions? — on what is supposed to be homeland security.

Trump's foreign policy speech will be read by Vladimir Putin and President El-Sisi of Egypt, by the genocide-peddling mullahs of Tehran, by ISIS and its morally subhuman backers — like Turkey and Saudi Arabia — and even by the hopeless EU autocrats, who have made such a mess of Europe that regular people are finally rebelling against them.

Under Obama and the European left, things have gotten screwed up to an amazing extent.  Obama is a sort of genius in screwing things up.

It will take consistency and some wisdom to fix the mess.