The Wile E. Clinton campaign: a Roadrunner rerun?

You'd think the Clinton campaign would have the good sense to stay far, far away from the issue of Donald Trump being a misogynist, or even his merely being a misbehaving boor toward women.  It's becoming obvious that every time the Clinton campaign lays a media ambush for Trump, he not only sidesteps it nimbly, but also spins it back with far more effect.

So the Clintons try to stain Trump with the bristleless brush of the Republican war on women; Donald responds with a fresh can of scarlet sexual predator paint, which he loudly upends on Bill Clinton's head, splashing a huge scarlet E on Hillary as Bill's enabler.  The decades-old charges against Bill, the lawsuits, the payoffs, the cigars, his impeachment, all that sleaze that had faded to a dim pink is now screaming scarlet again, thanks to those geniuses on the Clinton campaign staff who said, "Hey, here's an idea..."

However, the Clintons apparently failed to fire the errant geniuses, because now they and their in-house publicists, better known as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and network TV, are all busy doing their best to dig up some sexual dirt on the Donald.  Instead, they get women praising the man as a gentleman who offers a helping hand for them to succeed and never asks anything in return.  That is a completely alien concept to Bill Clinton, who believes that in such situations quid pro quo is an anatomical reference.

Recently some CBS Clintonista was interviewing Trump's lovely daughter, Ivanka, and asked her about the possibility of her father groping women.  Ivanka defended her father forcefully but gracefully, an ability possessed by all the Trump offspring, denying that he could ever do such a thing.  Ivanka acquitted herself well, but should she ever be asked that question again, she should respond with a succinct "Who do you think I am?  Chelsea Clinton?" and walk away.  Can you imagine that liberal CBS reporter asking Chelsea about Juanita Broaddrick's very credible claims that she was raped by Chelsea's father?

So what will the Clintons try next?  I'm beginning to suspect that this campaign may play out like one of the old Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons, with the Clintons ordering all sorts of fanciful devices from the Acme Rocket-Propelled Election Corporation in scenarios that inevitably do not end well for the Clinton Coyotes while the beep-beeping Donald runs circles around them, all the way to the finish line.

And doesn't that coyote "desperate to win" persona just fit the Clintons so exquisitely well?

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