The Memorial Day Google doodle that wasn't the right thing

As Noel S. Williams noted here a few weeks ago about Google's doodles on its home page: Doodle means to scribble absentmindedly.  But Google Doodles are intentional iconography that attempt to redraw America's great history.  They elevate peripheral figures to iconic status and relegate religious holidays to amorphous greetings. Google (now under the Alphabet umbrella) leverages its ubiquitous platform to doodle about holidays, anniversaries and famous people. But yesterday was Memorial Day, previously called Decoration Day – a day to, as the name implies, memorialize, to remember the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could live free as a nation, so that a few days earlier President Barack Hussein Obama (D) could visit Hiroshima, the Japanese city bombed by the U.S. that finally forced Japan's surrender, and gurgle insulting clichés about war and moral equivalence between Japan, which started the war, and the...(Read Full Post)