Socialism’s ‘free medical care’ in Venezuela is about to kill baby Jose

For eight years I have corresponded with a woman from Venezuela.  Her name is Jacqueline Ogilvie and she is a retired surgeon in that God-forsaken hellhole. Although I’ve offered to send Jacqueline care packages, coffee, sugar, oil all she's ever asked me was to pray. Recently, I contacted her to ask how she was doing, because I knew the people of Venezuela were suffering from no water, no food, no toilet paper, no medicine, no electricity – no nothing.  After waiting in line in government-run supermarkets, 30 million people, led by socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro, suffer the ravages of empty grocery shelves.  Worst of all, the socialized medicine that American progressives tout as being a panacea, in Venezuela, is a certain death sentence. Even still, the only thing Jacqueline ever expressed concern about was one little baby boy named Jose Manuel Villamizar Zambrano, whose family contacted her begging for help. Jose is 5...(Read Full Post)