She wasn't always ‘crooked Hillary’

As we try and try to fall in love with Trump, we continue to be troubled by his past statements.   It wasn't long that he did not call her "crooked Hillary."  In fact, he was very fond of Mrs. Clinton:

During the heat of the 2008 campaign, Trump took to his own blog to praise Clinton, writing that she’d make a great president.

“Hillary Clinton said she’d consider naming Barack Obama as her vice-president when she gets the nomination, but she’s nowhere near a shoo-in,” wrote The Donald about the heated Democratic primary in 2008. “For his part, Obama said he’s just focused on winning the nomination, although at least one member of his team said Clinton would make a good vice-president. (I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president or vice-president.)”

At another point, he went on to defend Mrs. Clinton's Iraq War vote.   In other words, Mrs. Clinton was given bad information and that is why she voted for the war.  Never mind what Mrs. Clinton said on the Senate floor that she looked at the evidence. 

Or that President Clinton also bombed Iraq over WMDs in December 1998.

A few years ago, Mrs. Clinton was a victim. Today, he is blasting her judgment to vote for the war.  What is it?  It can't be both.

Yes, people change.  This is not change. This is very cynical.  This is why many of us have questions about Mr. Trump.  

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