Rapper makes video threatening to kill Donald Trump

Louisiana rapper Maine Muzik has released a profanity-laced video that directly threatens political assassination.  BizPac Review reports:

On the same week Muzik was visited by police for posting a video to his Instagram account where he, and a gang of thugs, showed off a stockpile of weapons, he released the video threatening Trump.

“I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump trying to take food stamps from my mamma and that’s all the [f***] she’s got…” he said. “As long as the [m***** f******] government let us keep food stamps… we gonna be good, but the first time this [n****] pass a law talking about he taking Louisiana purchase, [s***] going to get ugly.”

“You gotta understand them (inaudible) love Fruit Loops. They love that [s***] so if you take that [s***] [n****] it’s coming with the madness and a [n****] ain’t gonna play about that,” he continued.

In his tirade he even went on to declare his allegiance to the Islamic State.

Since Donald Trump is held personally responsible for violence at a rally of his, where are the media questions demanding that Hillary Clinton denounce this threat?

Hat tip: iOTW Report

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