Public records request yields hilarious level of scripting used by Rahm Emanuel for a news conference

Rahm Emanuel is a close friend of Hillary (and Bill) Clinton, and as obsessed both political power and personal vengeance on his enemies. Having obtained the post of Mayor of Chicago, he is now presiding over an impossible fiscal crisis, required to raise taxes to unrealistic levels in order to pay off the bribes pension obligations exchanged with labor unions in return for voting support.

Like his pal Hillary, Rahm believes in scripting his responses to questions.  Mark Konkol of DNAinfo exposes the degree to which this process is carried out, via a public records request that yielded gold:

 The “Daily Press Guidance” prepared for Emanuel’s Dec. 30 news conference on a new police “use of force” policy was complete with “Today’s sound bites,” “In The News Today” topics and scripted responses to expected questions that read like a stage play.

For instance, if a reporter were to ask if the new policy is meant to tell police officers to “stand down? Not to do their jobs? Run from trouble?” the script calls for the mayor to say, “Absolutely not.”

Then the mayor’s “press guidance” includes this stage direction: “TURN TO JOHN,” a reference to then-acting police Supt. John Escalante, whose lines are also included in the script.

Half of the projected questions included in the script called for Emanuel to say a line or two and then “TURN TO JOHN.”

Here is the document in its entirety.

Just imagine the kind of “daily press guidance” Hillary gets.




Hat tip: Peter von Buol

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