Pssst: Trump wasn't wrong on the rape thing

Donald Trump got into a whole big vat of brouhaha early in the campaign when he noted that many of the men who enter this country illegally are rapists.  He added, "And some, I believe, are all right."

The peals of outrage echo even today, nine and ten months after the remark was made.

Now, ignorant kids who can't recall three presidents during their lifetimes or know when the Second World War took place, much less who were the combatants, opine obnoxiously in full confidence born of utter cluelessness that the Donald is a "racist" because he stated that many south of the border infiltrators were indeed what they are: rapists.

The meme is picked up by adults and never questioned, like the nonsense that for the Inuit, there are 59 words for snow.  No one actually gets into the dogsled, mukluks up to an igloo, and asks an actual Inuit: "How many words for snow are there in your language?"

Or the absurdity of failing to check the number of "disappearing polar bears" in the far North, but to assume Al Gore's irresponsibly inaccurate mishmash of a "documentary" had the stats right.  He didn't.  And they weren't.  There are more polar bears than before.

Okay, they are not career rapists.  They wouldn't, if they could write, put it on their CVs, for jobs that are under the radar for which they are minimally qualified.  But the fact is, opportunity presents itself in the perilous, sweltery desert, on nights when people try to catch a few Zs on makeshift sleeping arrangements, before proceeding onward into the States – where branded nirvana, plummy entitlements and open-handed obama-bots grin toothily and wave greenbacks marked Vote Democrat! at them like friendly Walmart greeters.  As many of the people trying to surge into the U.S. from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico, of course, happen on occasion to be women or teen girls, nature and recklessness take over.  So rape happens.  That qualifies as making these gangsters and tattooed men about fencing...rapists.

With reference to mass trespassers who sneak into this country 24/7, more now as Obama's malign tenure is coming to an end, thousands of reports have been filed for the past decade, and some on such rape, vandalism, and chicanery of every sort.  Check with the voluminous reports of the Center for Immigration Studies, with southern newspapers, with police files across the 1,000+ mile breadth of the southern border.

I have been on the border, more than once, seen the tracks, and the men waiting in the baking sun for cloaking nightfall – and invisibility.

Why is this obvious on-the-ground carnality all suddenly forgotten and deliberately elided in a vast effort to depopulate the record of disgraceful misbehavior and criminality?

Not every alien violating our borders, across or under or through our defenses, is a sexual predator, but almost every female coming across has recorded being harassed; sexually molested; or, yes, raped by the men trudging in around her.  To say nothing of the ranchers and landowners whose livestock and wives and minor children have been also molested, abused, sometimes slaughtered, with their property laid to waste and despoiled with bags of feces and bundles of junk, rotting carcasses, and food ends, trash, and rubbish of every sort.

Why has this been deleted, when the history of such abuses is profound, of long duration, and disgracefully unlitigated?  To hear tell many (Democrats), the stealing and territorial vandalism and rape that have marked all this illegality for so long are a myth, or somehow conveniently GOP-manufactured, and everyone who comes in without benefit of papers and documentation is a saint, given only to Mother Teresa acts and behavior.  That is manifestly untrue.

The ratio of criminals, drug mules, rapists, and actual felons of various stripes has not been completely systematized, partially because the border patrols and guards are told to stand down and release anyone for everything – which they, alas, have been forced to accommodate – including major car offenses and vehicular manslaughter accompanied by lack of insurance to cover such mishaps, wanton destruction, and willful wilding.  That does not mean a huge number of crimes have not in the past – and ongoingly – been perpetrated.

Donald Trump acknowledging what millions of Southerners have been bitterly protesting for more than a decade does not make him or you a racist.  It is, sadly, a reality.  That geographical distance has kindly permitted most Northerners to ignore, since it has been at a remove and has been squelched by so many lawmen and Obama minstrels.  Nobody has seen to it that property owners so savaged and vandalized and stolen from are indemnified for their losses.  And the word from on high, The Man with his shoes on priceless White House furnishings, has told these petitioners, and their governors, basically, Shut up, you racist ungrateful privileged colonialists.

So though Trump has his distortions and exaggerations, this actually is not one of them.  Check the stats and lit yourself.  Don't take the word of people like Ben Rhodes and other Olympic liars to be in any way reflective of reality.  Here or elsewhere.

Has the Fifth Estate gone entirely to sleep in these critical matters?