Politicizing the Holy War

There are no accidents, just slumber or complicity. The current state of affairs tell us all we need to know as our ever expanding social state proceeds to consume the values and liberties of a reasonably moral majority. In reality, we've always been on shaky ground. We are an indoctrinated nation ripe for manipulation. Cultural change is susceptible to slick marketing campaigns that appeal to our natural depravities. Ultimately, the battles for the hearts and minds of men are spawned from origins that run much deeper. An appeal to Biblical Christianity is the undervalued antidote and blessed blueprint for what ails a divided and spiritually misguided people. You may blame it on Finneyism, Modernism, or the Social Gospel -- to name just a few possible culprits -- but somewhere along the way our Holy Bibles were traded for scripted, shallow declarations of faith. After decades of rapid revivals and “easy believism”, it appears that the dams are ready to break....(Read Full Post)