Ominous signs for ‘presumptive nominee’ Hillary in West Virginia primary results

West Virginia Democrat voters delivered a slap in the face to Hillary Clinton, whom the media all but universally proclaim the inevitable Democrat nominee.  Not only did Bernie Sanders easily defeat her by over 15 points, but 12.7% of Democrats refused to vote for either Sanders or Clinton (both of whom buy into the “global warming” fraud’s war on coal).  But they did bother to show up at the polls to cast protest votes for others, including write-ins.

But what has really gotten the media excited is the results of exit polling that show that about a third of Democrats would vote for Trump in November.

No wonder Hillary is already upping her media buys in Kentucky, another coal mining state that has a primary next week.

With forthcoming primaries in Oregon, Washington, and California all very Sanders-friendly, the string of Hillary defeats going into the convention could reach eight.  That is what we call reverse momentum.  And it does make a case to superdelegates that they are backing a loser.

If I were a Democrat superdelegate (boy, that’s a stretch for my imagination!), I’d have to wonder about throwing my lot in with a candidate so unpopular with the party’s base.  How many repudiations will it take to move their votes?

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