New email shows Clinton requested aide to call her on unsecured home phone

In a new email released by Judicial Watch, Hillary Clinton directed one of her top aides, Cheryl Mills, to contact her on her unsecured home phone when the two were having problems connecting on the secure State Department line.

It's unknown if this was a regular practice by Clinton, nor is it clear if Mills ever dialed her boss's home line.

The Hill:

“I give up. Call me on my home #,” Clinton told then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills in a February 2009 email, after more than an hour of trouble trying to communicate via a secure line.

“I just spoke to ops and called you reg line - we have to wait until we see each other b/c [the] technology is not working,” Mills said in another email sent at almost exactly the same time.

“Pls try again,” responded Clinton, a few moments later.

It’s unclear whether the two did connect, or if they moderated any discussion they may have had to avoid sensitive topics while on an unsecure landline.

But the episode is likely to cause concern among critics of Clinton, who have previously accused her of resorting to unsecure forms of communication out of convenience, potentially jeopardizing sensitive information. Another email of Clinton’s, released in January, appeared to show her telling a top aide to remove identifying details and send a sensitive document through a “nonsecure” channel instead of via "secure fax."

“This drip, drip of new Clinton emails show Hillary Clinton could not care less about the security of her communications,” said Tom Fitton, the president of the watchdog group, Judicial Watch, in a statement releasing Thursday’s email. “How many other smoking gun emails are Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators in the Obama administration hiding from the American people?”

Judicial Watch obtained the messages as part of a lawsuit filed against the State Department under the Freedom of Information Act.

The emails were not included in the more than 30,000 messages released by the State Department in recent months, raising questions about the scope of the department’s records.

Clinton’s presidential campaign has previously said the Democratic presidential front-runner did not use the personal “” account during the early weeks of her time as the nation’s top diplomat. Instead, they have said, she used a different account, which was a holdover from her time as a senator, and she no longer has access to those emails.

What kind of operation was Clinton running?  Fitton is spot on when he says Hillary could not have cared less about securing her communications.  The man she hired to install her private server, Brian Pagliano, came to his job unqualified in settting up secure communications.

Daily Caller:

His resume shows he had only basic computer networking certifications, and none that would have provided the foundation for protecting a sensitive email system like Clinton’s. In addition to certifications in MSCE NT and 2000, CCNA, A+, and CCA, Pagliano had a political science degree from Emory University.

Questions have swirled around the security of Clinton’s email system, which utilized her personal non-government BlackBerry and the server, which was kept at her house in New York. The Democratic presidential front-runner has insisted that there is no evidence that the server was hacked, and the FBI has reportedly not found evidence of a hack. But experts have said it is possible that Clinton’s system was infiltrated in other ways besides a traditional hack or by sophisticated foreign government operatives who could cover their tracks.

The Romanian hacker Guccifer recently claimed that he infiltrated Clinton’s server after breaking into her friend Sidney Blumenthal’s AOL account in 2013. The claim has not been corroborated and Climton’s campaign has denied it.

Pagliano’s hire, despite his thin resume, “demonstrates his political connections more than qualifications that folks would typically want for a sensitive position like that,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told The Daily Caller.

The CEO of one security consulting firm that handles all manner of security threats for the federal governments, private companies and heads of state concurs.

“While Pagliano does, in fact, have some IT experience, it’s a far cry from anything near qualifying for a position of that level of responsibility,” Global Executive Management CEO Jamie Williamson told TheDC.

“His resume is sparse for actual qualifying work experience and, it appears, that working for the Clinton campaign is probably the sole qualification.”

Given all we know about Clinton's I.T. operation, the fact that Pagliano who was granted immunity by the Justice Department is singularly unqualified for his job isn't surprising.

We may never know if Hillary's privater server was hacked.  If it wasn't, that would make Hillary Clinton one of the luckiest public servants in history.

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