Mr. Trump, release your tax returns

Didn't someone tell Mr. Trump that his tax returns would be an issue in the campaign?  I can't believe that he didn't see this one coming.   He will need to do better than saying that it's none of our business.  It was none of my business before.  We should see them now. To be fair, there is a lot of hypocrisy out there, such as George Stephanopoulos of ABC asking about his returns.  After all, didn't George work for a guy who didn't release his returns in 1992?  It's reasonable to request a tax return from a man who wants my vote.    I'm not interested in reading a line or making an issue of everything.    I just want to know whether Mr. Trump is consistent with what he preaches.  For example, does he hide his money overseas?  Or do his international associations pay taxes here or there?   Timothy O'Brien had a chance to see his returns a few years...(Read Full Post)