March of the Orwellians

First they came for the baker, and I said nothing, because I was not a baker.

Then they came for the photographer, and I did nothing, because I was not a photographer.

Then they came for the institution of marriage, but I was not married.

Then they came for the girls' bathrooms, but I was not a girl.

Then they came for the tolerant in the name of tolerance, but I didn't understand.

Calling themselves progressives, they seek to destroy progress.  

They rewrite history to control the future.

They have deformed the Constitution into a suicidal playbook. 

Their appointed justices say the Constitution is a living document.

But if the Constitution is living, then it is dead.

They have replaced Jeffersonian individualism and free enterprise with the Leviathan State.

They have employed Keynesian madness to enslave future generations.

They steal from the worker through taxing his wages and give it to those who vote for a living.

Voter fraud is justified as a means to end.  Nothing is beneath them.

They disarm the law-abiding to make victims defenseless against the emboldened criminal.

Before, they came for the Jew, but now they also come for the Christian and Western civilization itself.

Yet they protect the illegal alien and Muslim immigrant hordes.

They shame our cultures and our borders, but theirs are sacrosanct.

They tell us it is our fault that we are blown up and beheaded.

They prey on the humane and decent and use their humanity and decency against them.

They brandish pseudo-phobias as both spear and shield.

Shouting for racial justice, they incite racial hatred. 

Failing incitement, they fabricate hoax incidents of hate against themselves for attention and sympathy. 

Shouting for reproductive rights, they dismember the unborn in child sacrifice to their god, Moloch.

They claim privacy protection for the abortion mills but not to prevent close quarters with a cross-dresser. 

They crusade on campus to enslave free minds and enforce conformity to an ideological assimilation of attitude.

They attack Judeo-Christianity with religious fervor yet worship at the altar of secular atheism while embracing sharia.

They strive to enslave the people of the planet in the name of saving the planet.

They foment panic of plant food while ignoring data of epochs past. 

They use the siren song of entertainment media to demoralize, desensitize, and dumb down.

Now I see the truth as the scales of my public education and trust in media fall from my eyes.

Yet now the twin tides of the nihilist and the zealot ooze forth to pillage and rape.

Pillage of my culture and rape of women because they are daughters of the infidel, or maybe just because their skin is white.

They feel entitled through self-esteem, though they are retarded from generations of ideological inbreeding.

They demand charity for merely existing and reparations for something that never happened to them.

Left, thy name is hate.  Yet with gnashed teeth, they call us the haters, because we hate what they are doing to all that we love.

They wage guilt and gall.

They worship mayhem and madness.

They bond in a cult of duplicity and death. 

Oppose not this sacrilege at your own peril.

  Pacifism in the face of evil is the greater evil.

W.R. Wansley is a former press assistant to the Republican National Committee and for the last 30 years has been an investment adviser.  He writes occasionally from Laurel, Mississippi.