Just who does Urz Heer work for?

As discussed here yesterday, there is a potential scandal emerging from the Conservative Party of Canada's convention in Vancouver.

On May 27 and May 28, all four major online media outlets in Canada (the CBC, National Post, Globe and Mail, and Maclean's) reported on a Muslim woman named Urz Heer who stood up at the party's convention and tearfully complained about its purported stance against Muslims.

What a tangled web we weave.

According to Maclean's, Ms. Heer is "a 47-year-old delegate who works for Brampton [Conservative] MP Kyle Seeback." Of course, Seeback is no longer an MP (Member of Parliament), as the Parliament of Canada website will tell you. He was defeated in the last election. Regardless, apparently Heer works for Seeback, who is a Conservative.

The Globe and Mail also refers to Heer as a "Conservative delegate."

And then the National Post states that Heer is "a board member on the Conservative party's Brampton South riding association." A board member in the Conservative Party?

Not only does Heer's LinkedIn profile claim that she is still a "Director" with the "Brampton West Federal Liberal Riding Association," but the Liberal Party of Canada's own website for the "Brampton West Federal Liberal Association" also shows Heer as a director.

Based on her Twitter feed, Heer was also clearly a Liberal Party supporter well after the last election.

On November 4, she tweeted "Congratulations @JustinTrudeau on your #swearingin! Bring back the better, peace loving, more inclusive #Canada for everyone. #PM23 #cdnpoli."

Then on December 25, she also tweeted "@JustinTrudeau Happy Birthday! Thank you for saving Canada from going down a path of hatred and division. #aCanadianIsACanadian"

And as late as January 7, Heer nominated Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne for the MAX Gala Canadian Non-Muslim Friend of the Year at the Muslim Awards of Excellence.

But as of May, Ms. Heer is working for the Conservative Party candidate in her electoral riding, and on the riding association's board of directors?

Something smells very odd, and it smells even worse because the Conservative Party is not talking about it even though they were smeared across the national media by incident's coverage.

Does Canada have separate Liberal and Conservative parties at the federal level, or is there an informal merger that the base hasn't been informed of?