I’ve Changed My Mind about Donald Trump


The hit pieces on Donald Trump at National Review keep on coming, the latest being David French’s “non-exhaustive list of liberal, extreme, and outright insane things [Trump] has said in this campaign.”

Some time ago I decided I could not in conscience vote for someone so crude, so unprepared and temperamentally unsuited to be president. French's piece helped cement my conviction Trump would make a lousy president.

But nagging concerns about Obama pulling President Hillary Clinton's strings as payback for a pardon gave me pause. As did the thought of Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills serving as her closest advisors. Also, the prospect of Bill wandering around the White House unsupervised didn't bear reflection.

And then I read Clinton E-Mails: Is the Fix In? by NRO’s Andrew McCarthy, who has chronicled the transformation of the DOJ from an agency pledged to enforce the law to one whose primary mission is to shield the president and his would-be successor from accountability. Lady Justice is no longer blind: she has taken sides. 

McCarthy’s essay sparked an epiphany. My reservations concerning Trump, I’ve put aside. What terrifies me now is a mortal threat to our system: the cancer at the Department of Justice. Should Hillary be elected, it will metastasize. Loretta Lynch may expect to continue as AG as a reward for spiking the e-mail investigation; Fast and Furious, the FOIA dissimulations, Benghazi, the IRS’s politicization, and all the rest will go down the memory hole; Our First Amendment will be amended by Executive Decree to criminalize speech unacceptable to the Left; PC mavens will tighten their stranglehold on our culture; Obamacare will be resuscitated with taxpayer money, then undergo a transmedical procedure to become single payer.

Whoever owns Congress on January 20, 2017 will be unable or unwilling to check President Hillary Clinton, who is even more dishonest and unprincipled (if that's possible) than Obama. The Supremes? Fuhgeddaboudit. Hillary will appoint two or more new Justices in the Sotomayor/Kagan mold.

As much as I dislike Trump, I do not consider him evil. And while his self-regard is obnoxious, I don't doubt he loves his country. There is a chance he'll name conservatives to sit on the Supreme Court. Perhaps he'll nominate John Bolton for State and Giuliani or even Christie for Attorney General. We might finally learn what Holder and Lynch have been hiding for years. Sure, a lot of maybes, but with the Donald at least they're possibilities.

An Obama third term with Hillary standing in must not happen.

Go . . . (choke) . . . Trump.

Steve Grammatico is the author of You Hear Me, Barack? PC-Free Conservative Satire. He blogs at youhearmebarack.blogspot.com.