Hillary panicking over California primary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is taking drastic measures, obviously in panic over the California primary a week from today. She may still have the support of the Democratic Part bosses – the superdelegates -- but an embarrassing showing in the nation’s most populous state would leave her campaign reeling. She does not want the spectacle of the Philadelphia convention settling on her reluctantly, as Bernie supporters go wild, pointing out that he has been a winner and she a loser for the last several months.

This is why, as Abby Phillip reports in the Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton has upended her campaign schedule, adding more stops in California, in an effort to prevent an embarrassing loss there to Bernie Sanders, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton originally planned to campaign for two days this week in New Jersey, but at the last minute canceled an event on Thursday and will instead return to California for a five-day swing.

The schedule change comes as Sanders has barnstormed California, not leaving the state in more than a week. Meanwhile, a recent poll found the race closing significantly. Clinton's lead over Sanders had narrowed to just two points.

Details are scarce, but Clinton now plans to hold events in California from Thursday until the day before the state's June 7 primary.

There is little prospect that Clinton’s hastily-arranged events in California will match the size or enthusiasm of Sanders’s rallies, like the one yesterday in Oakland that had at least 10,000 enthusiastic attendees (and a few animal rights protestors that rushed the stage).

Judging by bumper sticker count, Sanders will easily carry the East Bay, where I live. California allocates delegates by congressional district, so there will be a split between the two candidates, and the only question is who will get more. A lopsided total for Sanders would leave Clinton humiliated.