Hillary just can’t stop yelling

Oh, the irony!  Hillary Clinton, addressing an enthusiastic crowd in Los Angeles Thursday, did what she does when excited and enthusiastic: she yelled.  But in this instance, her message was the bromide Democrats use whenever Republicans are winning an argument.  “We’d be a lot better off if we actually talked to each other instead of yelling at each other.”  The video, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, is a hoot:

While I despise Hillary Clinton, I don’t think I am being unfair in pointing out that she has one of the most unpleasant voices ever in a public figure when she is yelling.  Maybe it isn’t her fault.  Maybe the underlying anger, jealousy, and sense of injury that have animated her lust for power and her abhorrent treatment of people less powerful than she is now being expressed in her grating, emphatic tone.  Maybe it is an anomaly of her vocal chords.  Whatever the source of her repulsive tone when she is excited, angry, and emphatic, she would be wise to stay calm and speak in a soft tone of voice, letting the microphones and speakers to the work of amplification.

But Hillary is not one to take advice from conservatives.  So I hope she continues to make her points with energy, and adoring crowds of femininst abortion enthusiasts and aggrieved minorities excite her while the cameras and microphones record her for posterity.

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