Hillary campaign fundraising email reveals signs of panic

In the massive Brooklyn Headquarters of the Hillary campaign, they know something is happening, but they don’t know what it is (to paraphrase Bob Dylan’s taunting lyric). A fundraising email sent out by campaign manager Robbie Mook is startlingly honest in admitting they have a problem. Ben Wolfgang of the Washington Times got ahold of a copy and explains:

Faced with sagging fundraising numbers, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Friday appealed to supporters and admitted it was wrong in assuming Donald Trump couldn’t possibly win a general election contest.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told supporters in an email that the campaign took for granted that donations would pick up once aClinton vs. Trump November match-up became certain.

Instead, the campaign says fundraising numbers in May have dropped, and the Clinton operation’s assumption that voters would reject Mr. Trump have been proven wrong.

That sounds to me like a sinking ship. Here is the text of the email so you can judge for yourself:

“One assumption seemed pretty safe: That if we were to wind up running against Donald Trump, our supporters, especially our grassroots donors, would be so horrified that they’d step up big time. It’s now been three weeks since Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, and the fact is that isn’t happening yet,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said in the email.

“Don’t get me wrong — you’ve been amazing,” he continued. “But for the time being, our fundraising is actually DOWN slightly from where it was in April. I don’t know if it’s that you think we don’t need the money yet (we do), or that Trump couldn’t possibly win (he really, really could), or if you’re just exhausted from a long primary (I don’t blame you!) — but whatever your reasons are, I am personally asking you to get up off the bench and help make sure the most extreme, erratic presidential nominee in history never makes it to the White House.”

Memorial Day Weekend appears to be something of a turning point, in which Team Hillary and its media arms admit they have a problem and don’t know what to do about it (except raise more money).  The New York Times quoted powerful Democrats willing to go on the record about the shortcomings of the camaign this morning, in a front page story.

The wheels pretty clearly are coming off the Hillary campaign bus. How long will it be before we get to the moment where calls for Hillary to step down “for the good of the party”? I guess they have to wait until after the convention, or else “Crazy Bernie” who actually takes seriously all the phony rhetoric will get the nomination, and ruin the game of collecting Wall Street cash and financing crony capitalists.

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