Hilarious (yet deeply sad): Enthusiastic Hillary rally speaker chokes on saying ‘under God’ as Hillary smiles standing next to her

It's your must-see video moment of the day -- 16 seconds that crystallized the religious stance of the modern Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s distance from the Deity. At a rally yesterday in Blackwood, NJ, Susan Shin Angulo, a member of the Camden County Board of Freeholders, was trying to whip up crowd enthusiasm to Sanders-level enthusiasm, and got carried away. She visibly and audibly appeared to choke on the words “under God” as a familiar phrase from a better time made it way from her brain to her lips.

“Only Hillary can bring us together, one nation…ugh, err indispizzable”

This is not the first time Democrats have rebelled publicly against invoking the Deity. This moment from the last Democratic National Convention says it all:

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