Heads up: Major analysis of Clinton Foundation scandals coming

Charles Ortel is a respected Wall Street analyst who has been poring over the publicly available records of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and he promises a blockbuster set of revelations:

I will soon start posting new, in-depth, detailed reports explaining what I have found in the public record concerning the Clinton Foundation. In the latest document, I provide information concerning some of the new avenues we shall start exploring in coming days. (snip)

When you read my forthcoming reports, and when you check for yourself, you will see that the Clinton Foundation still operates far outside laws that regulate all charities, and particularly those that work internationally, from a U.S. base. (snip)

Most tax-exempt organizations play by strict rules--the Clinton Foundation should not continue to be the flagrant example that it has been for almost 20 years.

Please join me in trying to force Clinton Foundation trustees to do their jobs, and to obey the law, or suffer the consequences.

Serous people I know take Ortel quite seriously and respect his ability to ferret out inconsistencies, omissions, errors, and violations of law.  In a series of reports, he’s already uncovered quite a lot.

In an open letter, he offers a preview of what is to come.

Starting almost 20 years ago in 1997, the Clinton Foundation spread its activities from Little Rock, Arkansas to all U.S. states and to numerous foreign countries without taking legally required steps to function and solicit as a duly constituted public charity.

Though trustees have been required to make truthful and complete disclosures where the Clinton Foundation operates, ongoing review shows clearly that the opposite has been the case.

Reports to state, federal, and foreign government authorities are incomplete, contradictory, false, and materially misleading--in coming days, I will present extensive new analysis explaining these defects in ways I hope the general public and experts will all readily grasp.

With materially defective and misleading disclosures in the public domain, Clinton Foundation trustees and their agents nevertheless solicited contributions continually using the world wide web, telephones, and the mail. 

This sounds to me like laying the predicate for wire and mail fraud charges.

Since 1997, Clinton Foundation trustees have never obtained independent certified financial audits of their worldwide activities, consistently and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

So, the truth is no outsider actually knows how much money was sent towards the Clinton Foundation, how much money landed in the books and records of the Clinton Foundation, and how much money sent from the Clinton Foundation actually reached intended purposes. (snip)

Public filings for the Clinton Foundation may, in the end, serve one useful function--upon close review, the record from 1997 to present will be seen to define the opposite of “full, fair, and complete” disclosure, and serve as a cautionary tale to trustees who wish to operate diversified, international public charities from a U.S. base.

Major categories of infraction identified so far exceed 40, each of which will be treated in separate Exhibits, and in appropriate depth. 

There is a lot more, including examples.  Read the whole thing.  And keep the name Charles Ortel in mind as you scan the headlines.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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