Fury builds among Sanders supporters over stonewalling by Dem establishment

The biggest political story that the media wants to ignore is the bitter split in the Democratic Party, as Sanders supporters refuse to capitulate to Hillary Clinton’s purported inevitability, while the party establishment steamrollers the Big Fix in Philadelphia.  The ingredients for a repeat of the disastrous 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago are being assembled, as the media pilot fish at the New York Times and Washington Post prefer to use their resources to deliver the shocking news that Donald Trump likes beautiful women.   

Did you know that Hillary supporter Barney Frank “was booed and shouted at as a "sellout" who should "go back to Massachusetts" by Sanders supporters at the Maine State Democratic Convention on Saturday? Somehow, the mainstream media managed to overlook this sign of the divisive passions rending the Democratic Party as its establishment strong-arms Hillary Clinton. Along with the incredible story of the Nevada State Convention where DNC officials fled, violence erupted and John Law had to be called in, signs are that the party is falling apart.

At issue right now is fixing of the standing committees at the Philadelphia convention, especially the rules committee that will shape who is allowed to speak and what is allowed to happen. Daniel Strauss of Politico reports:

The most recent flare-up occurred last week, when Sanders publicly released a letter to Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz accusing her of stacking the deck against him on the convention's standing committees. “[W]e are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention," wrote Sanders, several days after a tense phone conversation with the chairwoman.

According to a Sanders official with knowledge of the call, the senator demanded more representation on the committees but Wasserman Schultz would only assure him that he would have representation. A DNC spokesman declined to characterize the conversation and would only confirm that it took place.

Foolishly, the DNC is virtually freezing out the Sanders faction in the committees that will govern the convention.

Both the Hillary Clinton and Sanders campaigns had submitted names for consideration on the convention's standing committees, but in January when Wasserman Schultz handed down her final list of 75 nominations — all of whom were approved by the DNC's Executive Committee — nearly all of Sanders' choices had been disregarded.

Wasserman Schultz has demonstrated many times her detachment from reality and ability to stick with fantasy, and her current vision, that Sanders supporters will just fall in line and behave themselves on the floor of the convention and outside the venue on the streets is dangerously deluded.

But of course, she answers to Hillary, who is panicking over her inability to close the deal.

The GOP is supposed to be the party that is hopelessly divided. The MSM has told us so many times.  But as the GOP begins to unite, the leadership of the Democrats is behaving like the aristocrats at Versailles as the Parisian mobs gathered in front of the Bastille.

The Philadelphia convention will be must-see TV. I expect Hillary to employ her customary level of finesse, so we could be in for quite a spectacle. 

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