Fist-pumping cadets embarrass West Point

Sixteen African-American senior cadets at West Point thought it a good idea to pump their fists in the air in a recent photo.  In what many consider a violation of their oath of “Duty, Honor, Country,” they instead appear to align themselves with #BlackLivesMatter – à la Beyoncé:

Beyonce, 34, is making headlines after a very obvious tribute to the controversial Black Panthers group at Super Bowl 50. Not only did she and her dancers pay homage with their costumes, but they also paused to pump their fists in the air which is the well-known symbol for the Black Panthers.

There have been multiple attempts to explain away the poor judgment used by these women, who do not seem to possess the temperament of military leaders.  No excuse has been good enough.  Cadets are allowed to have political opinions, but not as representatives of the military.

It is clear that these woman lack leadership skills.  The best solution is to award them the degree in engineering that they have earned and dismiss them from the military.  It is questionable if they are fit to lead, despite the fact that taxpayers just spent $250,000 educating each of them.

What would have happened if the situation were reversed and sixteen “good old white Southern boys” were photographed holding the Confederate flag?  They would have been expelled immediately and would be long gone.

Women in the military want fair treatment; well, give it to them.

Thomas Lifson adds:

These women will have careers in the Army because without them, the quotacrats would make life miserable for the top brass.  Under President Obama, the United States military is driven by quotas and social engineering imperatives, not the defense of the nation.  Sad, but that's the way it is.  For now.

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