Feminazis: Talking about peeing now misogyny, too

Canada's far left New Democratic Party (NDP) has officially reached peak stupid on its countdown to zero support.

The leader of the Ontario provincial NDP, Andrea Horwath, has called on the lesbian Liberal premier of the province, Kathleen Wynne, to fire her energy minister, Bob Chiarelli, because Chiarelli is claimed to have said to Horwath that she "pees all over the map" on energy issues.

As reported by the CBC:

Chiarelli apologized in the legislature Wednesday after he was heard saying Horwath "pees all over the map" on energy issues, but insisted he never actually said that and meant to say only that "she's all over the map."

Horwath says it wasn't a real apology because Chiarelli didn't admit he'd done anything wrong, and claims his "disgusting slur" comparing her actions to a dog's was meant to demean and embarrass her so she would "shut up." ...

The New Democrats claim Chiarelli has a history of sexist comments, pointing to his claim that auditor general Bonnie Lysyk didn't understand the electricity file.

During Thursday's question period, it was NDP finance critic Catherine Fife, not Horwath, that raised Chiarelli's comments with the premier.

"A year ago the minister of energy decided to 'mansplain' the electricity system to Ontario's auditor general, even though she spent 10 years at Manitoba Hydro," said Fife. "Then he decided to continue this pattern of degrading and disrespecting women. No woman should have to put up with this kind of casual sexism."

In response, Chiarelli stated that "he never meant to say Horwath 'pees all over the map,' and noted that Hansard – the official record of legislative proceedings – changed the transcript to eliminate the word "pees."

So, according to the NDP crackpots, any criticism, no matter how valid, conducted by a man is "mansplaining," and we must also ignore any notion that both male and female canines can urinate.

The NDP's support at the federal and provincial levels is collapsing, so the best way to be rid of this odious political creature may be to encourage their ilk to continue making such complaints.  True electoral oblivion could be forthcoming, to the great delight of normal citizens.

Just for kicks, though, the NDP should also be declared unconstitutional and their membership investigated for linkages to foreign organizations that threaten the rights and freedoms of Canadians.  Privatizing as many government services – the holdout of NDP supporters – as possible would also be a good step toward sanity.