Even Coca-Cola is missing in the once great city of Caracas

Once upon a time, such as the late 1990s, Caracas was one of the great cities of Latin America.   

It didn't have tango like Buenos Aires or a carnival like Rio, but it had all the signs of a cosmopolitan modern city.  I remember a couple of business trips down there, and it was a great city.  I recall an Italian restaurant across from the hotel that made you feel as though it was the Venezuelans who had really invented lasagna and pasta.

That was then, and this is now.  Like the once great city of Havana, Caracas is now one gigantic mess.

We just learned from our friend Dr. Carlos Eire that there's even a shortage of Coca-Cola:

As the Normalization Circus continues to gain strength,  the Castronoid colony of Caracastan is going into an ever steeper death spiral.

It seems that  the final unfolding of the Bolivarian Revolution has arrived.

It’s dreadful, as dreadful as dreadful ever gets…. as dreadful as it was in the island nation formerly known as Cuba some fifty-odd years ago.

In that Cuba of long ago it only took about two years to reach the implosion now being experienced by Venezuela.

And in that long-dead Cuba — now known as the Castro Kingdom — the implosion has been going on for over half a century.

Can Venezuela find a way out?  Perhaps.  But only if King Raul’s storm troopers are sent back home immediately

Oh, the wonders of 21st century socialism!

But don’t expect to find many journalists blaming the Venezuelapocalypse on socialism.

No.  All of these calamities are due to falling oil prices, “mismanagement,” and political turmoil caused by those selfish bastards who can’t appreciate socialism.

A few years ago, a Latin American friend went to Cuba and took lots of pictures of Havana.  My parents nearly cried as they saw some of the photos of the city.  It was like seeing pictures of a son or daughter wasting away, with zero self-esteem.  The elegance of Havana was gone.  The decadence of communism was all around.

My guess is that many Venezuelans must be having the same reaction.   

Nothing is perfect, but Caracas was one of those cities that you were happy to visit.  It had fantastic cuisine and a modern infrastructure.  You could see people working hard but enjoying life as Venezuelans know how to do.  Like pre-Castro Cuba, the people were hardworking and elegant, and they knew how to throw a party!

Memo to the thousands madly in love with Bernie Sanders: Take a trip to Caracas, and you will see what "Sanderismo" looks like.

And make sure you bring a roll of toilet paper just in case the hotel or your host runs out!

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