Disrupting MoveOn's actions against Trump

Have you recently been asked to sign a petition, boycott a company or show support for a business, or send letters to a politician in support of a conservative cause you believe in?  Did you do it?

The greatest lesson of the Tea Party movement was not bringing awareness to the constitution or the need for limited government.  It wasn't about bringing more Democrats and independents into the Republican tent (although it did accomplish that).  It wasn't about taking a stand against Obama's big-government policies.

It was that conservatives got off of their couches, got involved, and started protesting.  They recognized the need to be seen and heard – and not just in the voting booth.  They took to the streets and held signs, chanted slogans, and gave interviews to their antagonists in the press.  They started using Facebook and Twitter and email.  For the first time in my lifetime, conservatives mobilized. 

So the next time you are asked to show up to an anti-Hillary rally, wear a silly shirt, or jiggle a foam finger, you had better do it.  The next time you are pressured to swarm a business with Facebook posts, emails, and tweets stating that you will no longer use its products or services (or will use them more often) because of a stance the business took on an issue – you better do it.


Because the left is masterful when it comes to mobilizing crowds – loud crowds.  And no, they aren't just collecting random homeless people who are bused in and given a sign and T-shirt for their efforts.  They mobilize all of their supporters on all fronts – the street and the information highway – and they utilize every tool available.  Most importantly, they twist every issue to suit their agenda.  And they are relentless: there are no issues they leave untouched, there are no constituents they ignore, there is no invective they are afraid of hurling.  They understand that noise, bodies, and being a constant irritant are the only way to get things done – their way. 

Conservatives and Republicans are the exact antithesis of this.  If we don't change our behavior – now – we will continue to lose political power and political will.

So what is MoveOn.org up to this time?  They are pressuring Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com to cease from selling Donald Trump's line of menswear.  The text of their email is reproduced below.  So far they are just shy of the 50,000 signatures they need to forward this petition to Amazon. 

FYI – this isn't their only line of attack.  They are mobilizing hard against The Donald and are openly planning to disrupt the convention in Cleveland and as many of his campaign appearances as possible.  They are fomenting hate among their followers with false claims of hate.

What are you going to do about it? 

I suggest the following:

  • Go to Amazon.com and purchase a Donald Trump menswear item – Father's Day is just around the corner.  Buy Dad a tie.  Make sure to post a favorable review of these products.
  • Send an email to Amazon telling them not to kowtow to the pressures of left-wing activists and to leave the shopping experience to the individual customer.  For every left-wing radical they will appease by eliminating Donald Trump products, there will be a conservative they will antagonize.
  • Or post such a message on the Amazon Facebook page and "like" Donald Trump menswear products.
  • Post the same message on your Facebook page.
  • Tweet #LoveTrumpMenswearAtAmazon.
  • Start a petition at Change.org or another petition site:


Amazon: Sell Trump Menswear. Let the consumer decide.


Mr. Bezos – please do not give in to pressure to stop selling Donald Trump's menswear.  If you give in to political pressure on every issue, soon Amazon won't be selling anything.  Continue to make it available, as well as other products objectionable to this or that group, and let the individual consumer decide.


Corporations shouldn't be forced to give in to political pressure from this or that group.  There are serious costs to any corporation that will bend to the political will of a particular group.  Moreover, the individuals who are employed in any given corporation, or who shop there, do not speak with one voice, but instead hold differing political, religious, and ethical views.  Let Amazon do what it does best – sell products online – and let the individual consumer decide if he wants to buy Trump products.

Don't just comment on this post.  Tell me in your comment what you have done, and give others the info they might need to take similar actions.  We have to utilize every tool at our disposal.    

If Donald Trump is willing to go to bat for ordinary Americans like you, are you willing to go to bat for him?  Like him or not, he's our presumptive nominee.  This is a prime opportunity to swarm protectively around our candidate while attacking and swarming against his vile detractors. 

MoveOn's email:

Dear MoveOn member,

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, businesses like Coca-Cola and Microsoft are backing away from him and his brand.1

So why is the online behemoth Amazon continuing to sell Trump's line of menswear – even though companies like Macy's bailed on Trump's brand of hate last year? Sign the petition today demanding Amazon stop legitimizing Trump by selling his products. Tell Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos:

Reject Trump's sexism, racism, and xenophobia. Stop selling Trump products.

Sign Nita's petition

Trump is inciting violence at his rallies and spewing vitriol that white supremacists like David Duke love. So why is Amazon continuing to support the Trump empire?

Many of us use Amazon, and the company has responded to our pressure before over the selling of sexist products. It's time for Amazon to reject Trump's brand of misogyny. Will you add your name now?

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


 – Nita Chaudhary, UltraViolet Action


1. "Corporations Grow Nervous About Participating in Republican Convention," The New York Times, March 30, 2016