Despite financial crisis caused by caving to #BlackLivesMatter, Mizzou lavishing millions on more ‘diversity’ navel-gazing

The University of Missouri is stuck on stupid when it comes to race relations. Capitulating to black radicals under the BLM banner last year has cost the school dearly. Dave Huber of The College Fix explains:

Largely as a result of the racial strife on its campus this past year, the school estimates that the new freshman class will be 1,470 students smaller, the smallest since 2006.

The Mizzou athletic department had to deal with an over 24% drop in donations in the three months that followed last year’s football player strike. On the academic side, Mizzou’s largest month for donations, December, witnessed a $6 million decline.

Despite the revenue and application shortfall, which has necessitated closing some freshman dorms, the school is throwing big money at yet another study of “diversity.”

The Missourian reports:

The UM System expects to spend $2 million on a series of diversity initiatives created by the UM System Board of Curators last November. Since November, the UM System has hired a chief diversity officer and created a systemwide task force for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Focus groups and individual interviews will be conducted with students, faculty, staff and administrators at all four UM System campuses and the system level, according to the release. The audit will also include surveys and a review of policies, practices and procedures as they relate to diversity and inclusion.

I would like to see the money spent on an honest study of how much money has been spent on “diversity.” Count all the salaries for administrative officials whose jobs are involved with the efforts. Include recruiting expenses, and scholarhsips offered on the basis of race and other factors related to diversity. Break out how much of the tuition paid by students goes to fund diversity.

Mizzou is sacrificing its institutional welfare to the theory that its student body should reflect the demographic breakdown of the state’s population. That theory does not take account of the differing interests, inclinations, and ideas that make our ethnic tapestry so diverse. It also assumes that a college education is the sole path to a good life.

With jobs for skilled trades going begging (and paying very well), the presumption that one size (a college education) fits all harms people, including targeted minorities, but also everyone else.