Corruption is 'problema numero uno' in Latin America

José Niño wrote a great post over at Latin American Post, a wonderful website about Latin America.   His article is about the three big problems facing most of the countries south of the border.  He calls them "the three myths."  They are: 1) Who Creates Wealth? 2) “Good Socialism” 3) And the most important, in my opinion: Corruption Is Just A Symptom. The corruption point really hit the target: Many analysts and experts mistakenly believe that the rampant corruption that characterizes Latin America is the region’s cause of unrest. Actually, corruption is just the result of interventionist policies that increase the power and size of the state to lord over people’s needs. It is easy to talk about corruption, which is merely a symptom of the real disease — an oversized state — without providing an alternative to addressing the existing problem. When offering a solution, many often...(Read Full Post)