Clinton's favorability rating trend points to a Trump landslide in November

While Hillary Clinton supporters try to hype the unfavorability ratings of her general election opponent, getting ignored in the liberal maelstrom of deceit is the skyrocketing unfavorability rating of their own presumptive nominee.

The more the general public sees of Clinton, the more they despise her.  The Huffington Post favorability rating tracker shows this clearly since Clinton emerged fully into the light during early 2013:

At the start of 2013, Clinton's unfavorability rating was in the low 30s.  It has since exploded to about 55%, equal to that of Donald Trump.  Some recent polls place it at nearly 60%.

The problem for Clinton is her trend relative to Trump in the context of the amount and type of media attention they have each been receiving over the past year.

Since June of 2015, Trump's favorable/unfavorable ratings are unchanged.  No previous presidential candidate in the media age has experienced the level of attacks that Trump has already seen.  Despite sustained blistering offensives from across the complete political spectrum – ranging from the Tea Partiers through the libertarians out to the communists – the entire mainstream plus alternative media scene was unable to make a negative dent, no matter what they said.

And then there is Hillary.  In spite of being sheltered and coddled from any serious scrutiny, the public's view of her has soured dramatically, and it keeps getting worse.  Once the full general election spotlight is on Clinton, if the historical relationship holds, the unfavorable ratings could climb much higher.

Clinton attacks Trump, and his numbers don't move.  Trump doesn't say anything, and Clinton's numbers drop on their own.  Trump attacks Clinton, and her numbers drop further.  Even some Clinton supporters are surely starting to realize that the Democrats backed the wrong candidate for electability in 2016.  Bernie Sanders would have stood a far better chance at giving Trump a run for his money.

But it's too late now for the Democrats.  They have to dance with Clinton through the general election, and if the last 28 months of trends are any indication, the next six months are not going to be pretty.

If Trump continues to hammer away relentlessly on Clinton, we could see the largest electoral landslide in modern American history – even larger than Ronald Reagan's 1984 crushing of Walter Mondale and Richard Nixon's 1972 embarrassment of George McGovern.

The path forward for Trump is clear.  Continue the path you were on, and don't get too cute or take your foot off the accelerator.  Remember the key issues that got you the nomination, as losing the base in an attempt to capture the center-left will lead to a defeat this election cycle, given how cynical the GOP base is.

Recent polls show Trump with a modest lead over Clinton among the general public and ahead in some key swing states, as well as having a several-percent lead over Clinton in who would be a great or good president.  The race is now Trump in the lead with momentum clearly on his side.

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